Free campsites & Cheap campsites information in Japan

Free campsite & travelling in Japan. There are many Free and Cheap campsite in Japan. I provide information from Fukuoka in Japan.

Information of campsites are mainly Kyushu area of Japan. and it will be updated little by little.

And you will be able to find a free campsite in Japan, If you look at this website.

Usually campsite is managed office of each municipality, So I recommend that you contact the office before you use.

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In most of campsite. Reservation or check-in is needed at city hall or town office.
So you must go there.

In such cases. If you visit the Tourism Division in the city hall, you may get a free tourist map. Please find the new favorite tourist attraction in the free tourist map!

live in a tent in campsite

Campsite in Kyushu, Okinawa district

Chugoku District of Japan

Shikoku District of Japan

Kansai District of Japan

Chubu Tokai District of Japan

Chubu Tosan District of Japan

Chubu Hokuriku District of Japan

Kanto District of Japan

Touhoku District of Japan

[ About campsite ]

Free campsite has decreased year by year at problems illegal dumping of garbage ...

Let's observe good outdoor manners in campsite.

Often information that is posted on this website becomes out of date. There is also a case where the free campsite was closed or charges is needed. So you should check up new information.