Omaki-yama campsite

  • coordinates: Coordinates of the campsite
  • Address: Miyama-shi, Fukuoka-ken
    Altitude: about 338 m
  • Charge: 0yen (Reservation is needed, E-mail OK)
  • Reception: Miyama City Hall toshikeikaku-ka
  • Campsite: Bare ground & lawn areas (Mountains, High place)
  • Walk from the parking lot: 0 seconds
  • Cooking facilities: Available (with roof)
  • Fireplace: None
  • Restrooms: Simple flush toilet

* First visited on 2010-Oct.

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It is available google map at this web site.

If your phone is downloaded the app "Google Maps", GPS/navigator will take the shortest route.

You can find out about campsite detail information here.

There are many free campsites in Japan. If you will camp in Japan, in most cases you have to reserve and get permission for use the campsite.

The campsites is crowded on the weekend and holiday. So you should better to reserve the campsite beforehand.

Please enjoy camping in Japan!

Omaki-yama campsite

Map of campsite

(Show the center of the campsite)

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View of the campsite

The ground is sloped gently. But there are some flat space around the big cedar tree.

When you camp at there, you have to be careful about falling branches.

View of Omaki-yama campsite

Cooking facility

The scenery from here is very good.

Cooking facility of Omaki-yama campsite

Wisteria pergola

We can spend cool time under the pergola in summer.

But in the night, the wind is strong, so we are cold.

Wisteria pergola of Omaki-yama campsite


It was clean simple flush toilet.

Toilet of Omaki-yama campsite

The top of Omaki-yama mountain

If you walk for about 10 minutes to the top of Omaki-yama mountain from the campsite, you can see a beautiful panoramic view.

The top of Omaki-yama mountain

* Visited on 2012-Jan.

It was frozen in the early morning.

All over the ground was white world.

We could see the Ariake Sea and Mount Unzen below our eyes.

Omaki-yama campsite 2012-Jan.

* Visited on 2012-July

In the night, campsite was wrapped in fog.

And it rained heavily. There is nothing to protect from the wind.

Omaki-yama campsite 2012-July

Picture from the sky

This image is a satellite image from the sky over the campsite.

We have four seasons in Japan. So sometime the picture shows the snowy landscape or covered with fallen leaves.

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[ About campsite ]

Free campsite has decreased year by year at problems illegal dumping of garbage ...

Let's observe good outdoor manners in campsite.

Often information that is posted on this website becomes out of date. There is also a case where the free campsite was closed or charges is needed. So you should check up new information.