Itone-chiku-koen campsite

  • coordinates: Coordinates of the campsite
  • Address: Sanyo-onoda-shi, Yamaguchi-ken
    Altitude: about 4 m
  • Charge: 0 yen (Check-in is needed, Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Reception: Campsite, Seinen-no-ie
  • Campsite: Bare ground, Lawn ground (Near city)
  • Walk from the parking lot: About 5 minutes
  • Cooking facilities: Available (no roof)
  • Fireplace: Available (no roof)
  • Restrooms: Flush Toilet

* Visited on 2013-Oct.

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There are many free campsites in Japan. If you will camp in Japan, in most cases you have to reserve and get permission for use the campsite.

The campsites is crowded on the weekend and holiday. So you should better to reserve the campsite beforehand.

Please enjoy camping in Japan!

Itone-chiku-koen campsite

Map of campsite

(Show the center of the campsite)

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View of the campsite

The campsite is located at the mouth of the Maeba-gawa river that flows through the southwestern area of Sanyo-onoda city.

The tent site is covered by lawn, and it is a sunny place. Another site is in the pine forest, the ground is soil. Everywhere is flat.

The campsite is far from the parking lot, but bicycle and motorcycle rider can enter the campsite with own vehicle.

The regular closing day is Tuesday and Wednesday.

View of Itone-chiku-koen campsite

Cooking facility

There is a stainless made sink, but it has not a faucet.

The foot wash station is used as a water facility. The water is tap water.

There is no roof, so it's inconvenient on a rainy day.

Cooking facility of Itone-chiku-koen campsite


The open-air fireplace is at the tent site. The grill is available.

But it is prohibited to make a bonfire from 18:00 here.

Fireplace of Itone-chiku-koen campsite


It looks like an old facility, but the inside of that is a clean restroom.

It is a flush toilet.

Toilet of Itone-chiku-koen campsite

Campfire circle

There is a campfire circle, but also here, it is prohibited to make a bonfire from 18:00.

Campfire circle of Itone-chiku-koen campsite

Playground equipment

There is a kids park with playground equipments at the middle place between administrator's office and the campsite.

All of the equipments are new and clean, so I can let a child play there at ease.

Playground equipment of Itone-chiku-koen campsite

Administrator's building

The administrator's building is near the parking lot.

The administrator stays here until about 22:00, so it is possible to check in, even if you arrive late.

Administrator's building of Itone-chiku-koen campsite

[ About campsite ]

Free campsite has decreased year by year at problems illegal dumping of garbage ...

Let's observe good outdoor manners in campsite.

Often information that is posted on this website becomes out of date. There is also a case where the free campsite was closed or charges is needed. So you should check up new information.