Oza-san campsite

  • coordinates: Coordinates of the campsite
  • Address: Kaminoseki-cho, Yamaguchi-ken
    Altitude: about 470 m
  • Charge: 0 yen
  • Enquiry: Kaminoseki Town Office sogo-kikaku-ka
  • Campsite: Hard soil & grassland (Mountain, High place)
  • Walk from the parking lot: 0 second
  • Cooking facilities: None
  • Fireplace: None
  • Restrooms: Flush Toilet, Accessible toilet is available.

* Visited on 2016-Aug.

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There are many free campsites in Japan. If you will camp in Japan, in most cases you have to reserve and get permission for use the campsite.

The campsites is crowded on the weekend and holiday. So you should better to reserve the campsite beforehand.

Please enjoy camping in Japan!

Oza-san campsite

Map of campsite

(Show the center of the campsite)

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View of the campsite

The campsite is located on near the top of Oza mountain. It is at the edge of Murotsu peninsula.

The way to campsite is the steep slope and narrow.

The ground of the campsite is so hard. It is difficult to drive the tent pegs into the ground.

Here is the famous spot for a star filled sky.

View of Oza-san campsite


It is a wide space. We enjoyed the cool breeze at there.

There are tables and benches, those are available freely.

Gazebo of Oza-san campsite


It is a flush toilet. And an accessible toilet is available.

When the toilet is used, a sensor turns on lights automatically.

Toilet of Oza-san campsite

Washstand of toilet

The water from the faucet of the wash stand is unsuitable to drink.

Washstand of toilet in Oza-san campsite

Bench & table

We lay on the table in the night.

And we were able to see many shooting star.

Bench & table of Oza-san campsite

Parking lot

There is a shrine with red gate called "Torii". It's 5 minutes' walk from the parking lot.

The scenery of sea view from the shrine is so good.

Parking lot of Oza-san campsite

View of the gazebo

There are three gazebos in the park. The view of a two storey gazebo is best scenery in these.

View of the gazebo in Oza-san campsite

[ About campsite ]

Free campsite has decreased year by year at problems illegal dumping of garbage ...

Let's observe good outdoor manners in campsite.

Often information that is posted on this website becomes out of date. There is also a case where the free campsite was closed or charges is needed. So you should check up new information.