Itagahara auto campsite

  • coordinates: Coordinates of the campsite
  • Address: Higashiusuki-gun Misato-cho, Miyazaki-ken
    Altitude: about 73 m
  • Charge: 0 yen
  • Enquiry: Misato-cho Kitago-shisho kikaku joho-ka
  • Campsite: Lawn ground, Auto Campsite (Riverside, High place)
  • Walk from the parking lot: 0 second
  • Cooking facilities: Available (with roof)
  • Fireplace: In the cooking facilities
  • Restrooms: Flush Toilet, Accessible toilet is available.

* First visited on 2008-May

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There are many free campsites in Japan. If you will camp in Japan, in most cases you have to reserve and get permission for use the campsite.

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Please enjoy camping in Japan!

Itagahara auto campsite

Map of campsite

(Show the center of the campsite)

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View of the campsite

The campsite is located at the riverside of Isuzu-gawa river that flows through the northeastern area of Misato-cho. It is high place, so we are not affected by the flood.

If you go to the campsite, you need to across a small bridge, so do not overlook.

It is 20 km far from Nobeoka city, so it is close distance enough to go shopping by a car and a motorcycle.

The tent site is flat and soft lawn area. But it is a narrow space.

View of Itagahara auto campsite

Cooking facility

It is a so clean stainless-made sink.

There is a wooden table in the center, so it is very useful for cooking and eating a meal.

The electrical outlets are available. But this is a public facility. Please do an moral behavior about to use the outlet.

Cooking facility of Itagahara auto campsite


The fireplace is made of fire brick. It is narrow type and good efficiency.

The grill is available.

There was no extinguished charcoal in the fireplace. Those had been swept.

Fireplace of Itagahara auto campsite


The toilet is a Flush Toilet. And an accessible toilet is available.

There is a coin-shower room next to the restrooms. It is available to use for 200 yen and 5 minutes.

Toilet of Itagahara auto campsite

Donation Box

Donation Box of Itagahara auto campsite

Isuzu River

You can play in the river in front of the campsite.

There is a shallow part in the upstream, so little children can also enjoy to play in the river.

Isuzu River in Itagahara auto campsite

Shower room

Shower room in Itagahara auto campsite

Coin-operated outlet

Coin-operated outlet in Itagahara auto campsite

Parking space

Parking space in Itagahara auto campsite

Visited on 2008-May

There is a barbecue table at each of tent sites.

Most of BBQ tables and wooden benches in the campsite had become deteriorated.

2008-May Itagahara auto campsite

Visited on 2015-Aug.

It was sunny and hot day, so we have enjoyed to play in the river with my little son.

The tent site is became more narrow space than before, because the trees in the site was growing up.

2015-Aug. Itagahara auto campsite

Visited on 2018-Aug.

2018-Aug. Itagahara auto campsite

Visited on 2022-Aug.

2022-Aug. Itagahara auto campsite

[ About campsite ]

Free campsite has decreased year by year at problems illegal dumping of garbage ...

Let's observe good outdoor manners in campsite.

Often information that is posted on this website becomes out of date. There is also a case where the free campsite was closed or charges is needed. So you should check up new information.